• Tasha Booth

Benji & Janet. Cedar Rapids, IA Wedding

We started the day at the little chapel where Benji & Janet would say their "I do's".

Built in 1916, it had charm and character, such a perfect spot to start any Happily Ever After.. and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to witness and be apart of this one.

I don't know how I get so lucky to work with the sweetest couples?! As a side note I don't think I have ever made it through a Wedding with out tearing up at least once... usually its the first dance, speeches or an anniversary dance that really gets me but Janet blindsided me when she asked if we could make a quick stop on the way downtown to take pictures...

I said yes of course but little did I know how big Janet's heart is and how hard I'd be crying my eyes out. Janet works and has worked at The Villages at Marion for seniors for over 18 years, she spends her days loving on these amazing people and she didn't want her big day to be any different. She said they had had a count down for her big day and she wanted to surprise them by stopping by during dinner. Lots of hugs, smiles and happy tears!

We headed downtown with the family, took photos on a red brick road and ended up with some of my absolute favorite photos..family pictures that could pass for a center fold ad in one of the most popular bridal magazines!

Thankful to have been able to photograph such a beautiful day for a special wedding with

some amazing people :)

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