• Tasha Booth

Levi & Abby. Okoboji, IA Wedding

Some couples we don't have the opportunity of meeting till the day of, we do our planning via email and phone call and that worked out great.. Levi & Abby actually live in Arizona, so Paul and I were completely caught off guard in the best way when we met and realized just how amazing these two families coming together were and what an amazing night we were about to be apart of. Paul was able to DJ, while I did photography (one of our favorite scenarios) and from the get-go it was AWESOME, their families, their wedding party, their speeches, the way they packed the dance floor all night long.. it was awesome!

We were sooo thankful we had the opportunity to be apart of this one and will remember it forever!

As a mom, whenever I'm around couples I find myself wondering what it will be like the day mine get married and if we as parents and husband and wife have set a good example and this day was no different.. Both Levi and Abby's parents were amazing examples of the love and marriage they were hoping to live out. I was full of tears during everyone's speeches.. just a family filled with so much love and appreciation for each other! A family I think anyone would be proud to be apart of!

As the night went on it just got better... Paul has been DJing weddings for over 15 years and swears this was one of the best crowds he's EVER seen! EVERYBODY was on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG.. Paul insists on being invited to DJ their next family reunion! :)

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