• Tasha Booth

Tim & April Wedding. Norwalk, IA

I walked in and instantly knew this wedding group was going to be a blast to hang out with for the day! I hadn't had the opportunity to meet Tim or April prior to their big day, they currently live in Texas but met and spent the majority of their time together in Alaska. With family and friends near and far they decided April's brothers property in Iowa would be the perfect spot to say their "I do's".

It seems we've had more Saturday weddings with expected rain than ever before which always keeps us on our toes but in perfect timing the rain held off and I couldn't have been more thankful it did. We were able to enjoy a perfect outdoor ceremony and then spend some time walking her brother's property for some gorgouse photos!

A clover field, tall wheat grass, wooded trails and horses... honestly could not have dreamt up anything better! Walking around with Tim and April also gave me the opportunity to learn a bit more about their love story (which really is one of my all time favorite things about being a wedding photographer) and these two had a pretty awesome story.

Two biologists working on a gold mine in Alaska.. April's wedding ring actually has a gold nugget in it, which I think is one of the coolest things ever!!

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